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Pupils from Year 4 Holy Trinity School Northwood proudly displaying their "Chinese" themed plates from a Pottering About session in October this year.Horsepath School  - After School Club - snake boxes recently painted at one of the sessions.Click photos to enlarge.

Nursery, School & Group Events

All children love to create, we are increasingly being asked if we can help with After School Clubs and Fund Raising Events. Why not call us today to discuss the options available.

Nursery Schools - The "hug mug" makes a great present anytime of the year. Why not call now to book a session and find out how you can earn commision.

Primary / Secondary Schools - struggling with new ways of making the curriculum more interesting? why not let us help you with a pottery related project to inspire the students.

Have you thought about a murial for the School? A wall covered with tiles painted by the pupils brightens up even the drearest playground!

Summer Fete's - We are happy to run a 'drop in' painting session at craft fairs, village fetes & county shows or as part of your school fun day.

We set up a small painting area and operate like a mini studio for the day with a percentage of our sales revenue paid to you.

Special Workshops from £5 per person!This is especially popular throughout the summer season and in the run up to Christmas. Diary permitting!

After School Club / Summer Camp - Why not let us provide ready made kits for your art sessions. We can plan activities for the whole term and deliver everything you need with full instructions and samples making it easy for you. Simply hand out the kits follow the instructions and away you go! We will source and create kits to suit your budget (kits start from £4 each, average spend is £6 per kit).

Guides, Scouts, W.I's - Happy to come along to any groups evening / daytime meeting and provide something to suit your requirements and budget.

Contact us for our Special Workshops from £5 per person!

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